Kanuhura, Maldives

Dairy Queen

Well, hello summer! I didn’t blog on Friday because I was overwhelmed with the graduation festivities. Did you miss me? I am so glad that summer is here. With it comes a more laid back and relaxed schedule. I thought I would take this opportunity to let you know that I will be blogging throughout the summer but not at a daily pace. Probably 2-3 times per week or when something exciting happens. Or is there is a sale. Or exciting vacation. You get the picture.

I do want to encourage you to LIKE my Tanya Foster Facebook page, FOLLOW me on Instagram (@tanyafosterfilm), Twitter (@tanyafosterfilm) and Pinterest (@tanyafosterfilm). I am very active on all social media platforms. So even if you don’t hear from me here on Film+Fashion+Fun, we can always be connected.

While I am at it, shoot me an e-mail (Tanya@thefosters.net) and let me know how I am doing. What topics do you want me to blog about? Hear more about? I’m on it! I love these summer pictures because it sums up so many of my favorite things – frozen margaritas,vacations on the beach, beautiful peonies and an occasional Dairy Queen soft serve cone. Click the link and pictures below to see some of my favorite summer things I just ordered. What are some of your favorite things about summer?

 xoxo- Tanya

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