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Oh snap! Starting today, I have committed to 21 Days for Good with Snap Kitchen. Why? Because I want to eat healthier, feel better and skinny up a bit. This is always my goal after the holidays so this year I decided to make it my goal going in to the holidays. I will keep you updated about my journey. But for now just know that I am on day 1 and eating three meals and two snacks (1200-1500 calories) a day. In case you want to know more about Snap Kitchen, check out the Snappy Facts below.

I’ll check in with you and let you know how it is going. Happy Monday (day 1 of my 21 Days for Good)! xoxo- Tanya

snap kitchen

Snappy Facts:
1. What is Snap Kitchen?
Really good food!
Fresh, healthy, take-away
Fresh innovative take on comfort food
A foodie’s haven that happens to be healthy
Local over organic and local/organic as much as possible

2. What makes the food healthy?
Portion control
Local and fresh ingredients for better flavor
Herbs and spices rather than creams and oils
Smarter ingredients in place of simple fillers (Brown Rice Flour Pasta vs. White Flour Pasta)

3. Can I lose weight eating Snap? How much?
Many people do lose weight when committing to our meals, like during a 21 Day Commit, but we promote lifestyle change over weight loss. When people couple exercise with eating correctly, they tend to lose weight as a result.

4. What makes Snap Kitchen special?
We have taken the guesswork out of determining what’s healthy
Local vendors
Seasonal menu
Chef inspired
Registered Dietitian

5. Locally Sourced with Snap Kitchen Dallas
Honey – Desert Creek Honey, McKinney, Texas
Pastured, Certified Humane Eggs – Vital Farms, Austin, Texas
100% Grass-Fed Ground Beef – Burgundy Pasture Beef, Grandview, Texas
Watermelon – Haily’s Best, Edinburg, Texas
Yellow Squash, Zucchini & Green Bell Peppers – Naegelin & Jones, Divot, Texas



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