Being a blogger means talking all the time – ad nauseam! While I justify my posting on Instagram. Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest and Snapchat (@tanyafosterblog on all social media) as a part of expanding the blog, there is a time and place for everything. Join me today as NEST owner Heather Alexander explains the social graces of the social media world. You are going to want to bookmark this post and share it with your kids.

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What is a social media rule do you live by? xoxo- Tanya

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Social Media Etiquette | 5 Rules To Know

For those of us who love the social scene, it has been interesting to watch the play social media has made within the realm of hobnobbing among the socially-savvy. Google social media etiquette and you will find just about everything, in every format. Which tips do you take seriously as etiquette? After all, if you know anything about etiquette, you know manners and etiquette are not the same. Here is what makes the short list, and why. After a just over a decade of society adjusting to the new connectivity in our culture, these social etiquette norms are true still whether you are on your device or not. On that note, five specific items make the short-list of social media etiquette you can use to keep you looking polished. Assuming you already know a bit about manners, here are practices to keep your well-heeled-self looking ever-etiquette-savvy, wherever the social (media) scene takes you:

Know the Tagging Code
I call it the golden rule of tagging: Post unto others only as flattering as you would have them post unto you. Whether it is a picture or a saying or video you deem relevant, think first and follow this religiously. Never post an unflattering picture of someone, whether they are tagged or not. Post children only with the permission of their parents/guardians.
Exercise Unplugging
This is probably the most important asset in the social media maven’s etiquette chest. There are 5 times you should not be on your device attaching to the social media circus—however tempting it may be.  They are:
-While driving. Not cool.
-Inside any theater while the film/performance is taking place.
-In the heat of the moment—or when you’re feeling blue. Take a breath. Take maybe an hour or two. Think of the consequences of the post and how it will resonate with anyone and everyone who reads it—because it will be out there, forever, to muster all sorts of eye-rolls and judgements that will last much longer than your momentary mood.
-While you are engaged in conversation with someone, not limited to, but especially while sharing a meal or cocktail.
-While you are misbehaving. That’s right, we know you do it. The smart ones know better than to post about it.
Give positive feedback.
My favorite cliché is you can’t fix crazy. So don’t try on social media. If you are sick of people’s rants, hide them from your feed or unfollow/unfriend them. Joining into an argument or inciting one from the safety of your device is silly and even cowardly. Reserve your comments for making someone’s day better rather than getting sucked into the drain of the social media garbage disposal. If you really want to change someone’s mind and influence the masses, do it in person with a decent strategy and a little kindness. If you win them over, then they’ll be posting crazy things you might actually like and agree with.
Spell check!
We all do it—post too fast. Make a habit of checking yourself. Here’s the trick. Look away, count to 10, look back and re-read. You’ll be more likely to catch errors if you change gears for just a moment and then look back with fresh eyes.
Post with a plan.
Your plan is personal to you. While I’m not getting into strategy in this post, rapid-fire posting is usually not a good thing. You’re going public with whatever you are saying, however frequently you are saying it. The idea is to think first and post smart. When you use social media you are developing a reputation. Realize it and be as smart behind your screen as you would on the scene.

If developing a lasting reputation of socially-wise practices is what your aim to accomplish, a little social media etiquette knowledge will take you a long way. Happy posting, tagging, and commenting. Moreover, happy living and interacting with each other. Be in charge of your social media. It should never rule you!

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