SoulCycle, Dallas,

SoulCycle, Dallas,

SoulCycle, Dallas,

SoulCycle, Dallas,

SoulCycle, Dallas,

Oh, lordy. SoulCycle has come to Dallas and I was invited to take one of the first classes. The fact that I’m still standing is a miracle. And that I lived to tell about it is even more remarkable!

I attended the 8:30 AM spin class with Lexi Brawer and was immediately intimidated. I don’t spin. Shocker! But Lexi was so good with her explanations and easing us in to the class that I got the beat pretty quickly. Her number one rule is “don’t stop spinning – keep your legs moving” and I have to say it really works. If you stop you will get light-headed and run the risk of passing out. With your cycling shoes “clicked in” to the pedals, you run the risk of falling over with your legs still attached to the bike. That image alone kept me going – for 45 minutes!

The signature SoulCycle ride is indoor cycling with inspirational coaching, rockstar music and a full body workout (hand weights and push ups are in the equation). The 45-minute class promises to transform the way you look and feel. On average, you will burn 500-700 calories in one 45 minute class. In my mind I burned 10,000 calories. Die hards can take longer classes. Right now I am cursing those die hards.

SoulCycle claims that it changes lives with inspirational instructors, candlelight, upbeat music and positive vibes. No one is a beginner or an expert. No one is competing in the class. Riders can let loose in a nearly completely dark room that gets rather warm after a while. But what happens in the 45 minutes you are in this room is a remarkable transformation. At first I thought I would never make it to the end and that surely they would turn the lights on and find me slumped over on my bike. But guess what, I did it and I felt great – both mentally and physically. I really accomplished something and for that I am proud! In case you need some cute workout gear to wear to class, I am linking you to appropriate “cycle looks” below.

Give them a try. Classes are pay as you go and you sign up online.  SoulCycle Preston Hollow 5944 W Northwest Hwy
Dallas, TX 75225   972.737.7685   E-mail:

WFAA was there to capture the class with health reporter Sonia Azad. You can see it here.

And yes, I will go back. xoxo – Tanya

P.S. Be prepared to shower after class. You will be drenched with sweat!

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