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Vim + Vigor

No, I am not going to talk about juicing right before the Easter holiday weekend. You read enough about that here in this blog post. But I am going to tell you about this little tidbit. Vim + Vigor juices are always a great option when working on your summer bikini body… but they also make a great addition to any party!

If you’re looking for a new drink to add some flavor to your spring, try mixing Vim + Vigor’s seasonal no. 06 Watermelon Mint and Lime with some easy to find ingredients to make a drink that will satisfy any crowd! The juice goes well with vodka, gin and champagne and serves as a versatile flavor that can fit into any drink! Incorporate the juice into the below recipes for cocktails that won’t disappoint!

Vim+Vigor can be found at Central Market and Whole Foods. Add a little spice to your holiday weekend.

Happy Easter!  xoxo- Tanya

Vim + Vigor Watermelon Mint Mojito Recipe
– 4 oz No. 06 Watermelon Mint & Lime
– 2 sprigs of mint
– 2 oz light rum
– 1 oz club soda
– 1/2 cup light agave nectar
– crushed ice

Vim + Vigor Fancy No. 06
– 4 oz No. 06 Watermelon Mint & Lime
– 2 mint sprigs
– 1 oz Tito’s Vodka
– 2 oz champagne
– crushed Ice



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