Do you stand in your closet and swear that you have nothing to wear? Me too. You might remember that I went to Front Door Fashion and did a styling session with Carson Carney (see complete post here) . They also offer a closet clean out consultation. The best part about this is that the stylist will help you style new outfits with your own clothes. You make piles of things you have not worn in a year and discuss.  Most of mine went out the door with Carson to be donated to Dress for Success.  I mean, I didn’t need all of those shoes that I haven’t worn in years taking up space in my closet anyway.

I am pretty good about cleaning out my closet and getting rid of things that don’t fit, are worn out or are no longer in style. But I really needed help styling some things that I just didn’t know what to do with. Carson was great. The entire process takes about three hours and she arrived at my home with coffee and water in hand. The outfits you see on me are ones she put together with things I already had. For example, I would have never put a pink and white gingham shirt with army green shorts.  But it was cute! Don’t mind my cat jumping in to the pictures. Fuzzy wanted to be a part of the action.

We only took on the spring/summer wardrobe and my shoes. I’ll deal with fall/winter in the fall. We also made a pile of clothes that needed some alterations so that I will wear them. For example, I took four pairs of shorts to the seamstress to have the front pockets sewn shut. I wasn’t wearing them because the pockets were puckering and sticking out.  See, a few simple solutions to make what you already have work for you.

Lastly, Carson followed up with me and gave me a list of things missing from my wardrobe. Here is my list:  1) crisp white, over-sized white button down shirt (fitted, wear casually)  2)White shorts with lycra  3) Black bralet with spaghetti straps (to wear under things that need more coverage)

Good thing The Gap is currently having a huge sale with up to 30% off!  I have already found some great things and linked them below.  You know, in case you need them too!

A HUGE thank you to Carson and Front Door Fashion for the style session.  Happy Monday!  – Tanya

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