Support your brain and heart health with CocoaVia™ daily supplement stick packs, capsules and goodness knows snack squares on a counter

Tanya Foster holding CocoaVia™ daily supplement capsule

Support your brain and heart health with CocoaVia™ daily supplement capsule

Tanya pouring CocoaVia™ daily supplement stick pack into her coffee cup

Goodness Knows snack square bars

Is it just me or do you also feel like you are getting more forgetful with age? I have discovered this new product that promotes healthy cardiovascular and brain function. CocoaVia is a supplement that is good for your heart, good for your brain, and therefore good for your whole body. With all of these health benefits, plus how easy it is to add into your daily diet, there are not many reasons I can think of to not support your brain and heart health with CocoaVia™ .

The secret ingredient in CocoaVia™ daily supplement products that produces amazing health benefits are called cocoa flavanols. So what are cocoa flavanols? Cocoa flavanols are naturally occurring dietary flavonoids found in the natural cacao plant. Studies show that the consumption of flavanols produces a range of benefits, in particular facilitating how the blood moves through the body, which delivers nutrients and oxygen. When you have healthy blood flow, your brain receives the nourishment and support it needs to perform at peak, optimal condition. With over 150 scientific papers written based on 20 years of research, you can trust the facts.

CocoaVia™ has many amazing products that incorporate your daily dose of cocoa flavanols. The most convenient option to support your brain and heart health with CocoaVia™ are their vegetarian capsules. Each serving contains 450 mg of cocoa flavanols. Just take two capsules a day with water and you will experience amazing benefits. BONUS: Right now you can use promo code: TANYAFOSTER30 for 30% off all products site-wide.

I also love the CocoaVia™ daily supplement stick packs. The original, sweetened dark chocolate and unsweetened dark chocolate flavors are perfect for putting into your coffee, oatmeal, yogurt or milk for an added cocoa flavor and health boost. There is also an amazing cran-rasberry flavor that you can mix with water, smoothies or yogurt. I recommend you try all of the flavors and choose your favorite!

CocoaVia™ also sells snack bars! These Goodness Knows Snack Squares are a delicious combination of dark chocolate, almond and cranberry. Each serving is only 150 calories and is packed with 100mg of cocoa flavanols. I love that each pack comes with 4 squares so that you can have a quick bite without all of the mess of a normal bar. They are also great for sharing!

Don’t forget to use code: TANYAFOSTER30 for 30% off site-wide for all products so that you can support your brain and heart health with CocoaVia™. Limit is 6 discounted items per customer. Exclusions for bulk and auto-delivery items. CLICK HERE to order.

xoxo – Tanya

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Support your brain and heart health with CocoaVia™

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This post is sponsored by CocoaVia™. All selections and opinions are my own.

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