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I’ve been adding an EMS workout to my weekly workout routine and I’ve really noticed a difference. What is an EMS workout? Electrical muscle stimulation (EMS) strength training operates on the principle that electricity powers the human body. But instead of waiting for your brain to send an electrical signal to a muscle telling it to contract, MANDUU uses a specially-designed suit fitted with carbon fiber electrodes to generate a low-level electrical impulse for you. The impulse creates resistance, and muscle is built by working against the resistance. The result? Your 15-minute Manduu workout is as efficient as 6 hours in the gym. AND, I have a special offer for you – get 50% OFF! Plus, your first MANDUU workout is FREE.

While I have a traditional weight training workout with my trainer Kat twice-a-week, she has long suggested I supplement with something to add a 3rd workout each week as well as daily walking. One of my Instagram followers suggested Manduu and I have been working out with them every Friday for two months. I absolutely love it!

Manduu’s EMS technology is more effective at penetrating muscle fiber than the brain. When the brain sends a signal to a muscle, only about 65% of muscle fiber is activated. By contrast, the external EMS stimulus penetrates nearly 100% of muscle tissue. This produces a workout that is simultaneously ultra-low impact and incredibly effective, gentle yet intense. Manduu does more for you than you can do for yourself.

Manduu’s whole body EMS workout features:

  • Safe and ultra-low impact flexing and stretching movements
  • A 15-minute workout equal to six hours in the gym
  • The benefits of personal training at a fraction of the cost
  • Suitable for all fitness levels and physical capabilities
  • Custom, guided workouts and coaching from professional personal trainers
  • Measurable and trackable results
  • FDA-cleared electrical muscle stimulation technology

Results that I have already noticed in my two months of once-a-week sessions: Increased muscle mass and overall strength, better flexibility and balance, joint stability, maintaining my goal weight while increasing my skeletal muscle mass and lowering my body fat percentage. This can be measured and tracked on the InBody app. My body feels leaner and I can really notice this in the way my clothes fit. I workout at the Dallas/Preston Center location and the entire experience takes about 35 minutes. This includes arrival, body scan on the InBody, suit up and spray down, 15 minute workout and departure. When Kat is out of town, I head to Manduu more often (2-3 workouts per week).

My trainers at Manduu have also taught me that it is more efficient for your metabolism if you can consume protein within one hour of your workout. So on Manduu days, I grab my coffee and get egg bites from Starbucks immediately when I am done. Adding a protein shake with the Manduu protein powder also helps me get to my protein intake goal of 100g per day. All of this is needed to add and maintain muscle mass which helps burn more fat. I learned all of this from Chrissy and Brian Rudman over at Formula Wellness too. It seems that all my health resources agree (Manduu, Kat and Formula Wellness).

Locations currently include: Birmingham, Chicago/Glenview, Chicago/Libertyville, Little Rock/Chenal, Naples, Brentwood/Hill Center, Collierville, Downtown Franklin, Memphis/Perkins, Memphis/Poplar, Nashville/Green Hills, Austin/Lakeway, Dallas/Preston Center, Houston/River Oaks and Charlotte. More studios are in the works. I work out with Zach Cheng and Moses Jurugo in the Dallas/Preston Center studio.

Check out my typical 15-minute Manduu workout in the pics below. I should add that my trainer mixes it up and no two workouts are the same. Also, only two people can workout at a time so Manduu workouts are scheduled in 30 minute increments. I love that I can self schedule my workouts on the Manduu app. Want to see my workout in action? Be sure to check out the video content HERE.

SPECIAL OFFER: Your first workout is FREE! Click HERE to sign up.

In addition to a FREE workout, receive 1/2 off your first month of any 3-month plan. That’s a 50% savings and its available at all MANDUU locations. No code needed. Click HERE for details. Monthly plans rage from $49 – $249 per month depending on how often you want to workout. Prices may also vary by studio.

Enjoy your 15 minute workout!  xoxo – Tanya


my MANDUU experience | Dallas studio


Manduu Preston Center in Dallas

Manduu workout top and legging

InBody at Manduu

EMS suit

Manddu Dallas studio

Tanya Foster with her trainer Zach at Manduu

Manduu Dallas workout

Workout at Manduu

Tanya Foster doing her EMS workout at Manduu Dallas

Tanya Foster EMS workout

Manduu protein powder and vitamins

Starbucks egg bites for protein

Manduu staff

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Special Offer - 50% off at MANDUU


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