Katherine Harper details the benefits of a last minute girls trip on TanyaFoster.com

Katherine Harper details the benefits of a last minute girls trip on TanyaFoster.com

Katherine Harper details the benefits of a last minute girls trip on TanyaFoster.com

Katherine Harper details the benefits of a last minute girls trip on TanyaFoster.com

Katherine Harper details the benefits of a last minute girls trip on TanyaFoster.com

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I already detailed our amazing Cabo San Lucas girls trip in this blog post but I thought it would be interesting to get the perspective of my travel buddy and room-mate. Today, Katherine Harper is our guest blogger and details the benefits of a last-minute girls trip. Here she details the top 5 reasons to go.

Katherine and I met years ago through my film festival work and we have remained close over the years. She’s just one of those people who you want around you. She’s smart, kind, giving and has impeccable taste. Additionally, she’s an amazing cook and writes Gour-Maybe. If you click on her site, your mouth will water and you will marvel at her beautiful recipes and creations. Let’s see what she has to say about a last-minute girls getaway.

But before we talk travel, I want to let you know that I will be on Eye Opener TV tomorrow morning (Friday) to talk about how to incorporate vintage into your wardrobe. You might recall that I did a blog post about the Vintage Tex. We’re going to play a game and I’m going to see if the hosts can guess the prices of the incredible pieces we’re talking about. Set your alarm, I’m on at 6:44 AM! It’s the CW33 channel in Dallas. Click here for show listings but you can also watch it live here.

Top 5 reasons for a last minute girls getaway

  1. Awesome Perspective – When you’re struggling with a major decision, family drama, or personal struggle, it’s easy to try to handle it alone. There’s a lot of pressure out there to be happy, and have it together (thanks a LOT Instagram – but we love you anyway). One of the best things about girlfriends is that they’ve likely been there too. They might not have the answer, but sharing experiences is always comforting – and has never failed to help me see things in a better, more informed light. 
  2. New Friends – I’ve heard many a person say, “I have enough friends.” I will choose to disagree. Some of the most amazing, rewarding friendships have been girls who I met unexpectedly and in recent years. Friendship – like shoes – you can truly never have enough of! And, if you’re on a dating app, expanding your FB circle with awesome new amigas can open up other possibilities too;)
  3. Laughter – The Best Medicine – Being with the girls takes you back in time to days where life was probably a *little* less complicated. Goofing off with the girls, whether on the shore or the slopes – telling stories and laughing with each other and at each other about all the craziness in our relationships, families and careers is truly important. It’s good for the soul and hey – it’s a great ab workout! 
  4. Pack Light – It never hurts to travel with fashionable friends – I love that most of my besties have a “my closet is your closet” mentality. Yes, I will borrow your pashmina, hairdryer, and clutch. Why check bags when you can divide and conquer? Chat ahead of time, decide who’s bringing what, and avoid lugging around a bunch of duplicate items (4 flat irons), and honestly, bags weigh 25% more on the return flight – it’s science. 
  5. Relax (Really) –  Let’s be honest – when traveling with a significant other on a romantic getaway, you might not rock the sweatpants, no make-up, tweezing by the window, wearing your Invisalign to breakfast, lunch and dinner look. It’s incredibly relaxing to travel with the girls. Get comfy, casual and leave the face mask on, and the Spanx behind. Actually – never mind, bring the Spanx! 
  6. Bonus Reason – Better pictures! What better way to document your amazing getaway than with those who understand the importance of an angle, lighting and a filter. I know some girls who should work for Nat Geo. Will your “better” half really understand why Clarendon is more appropriate than Hefe? Or why it’s perfectly appropriate to stand on a chair (that down angle!)? Your besties will! 

Happy Thursday everyone. We’re almost to the end of the week!  xoxo – Tanya

P.S. Be sure to click here to see the post about our cute Roberta Roller Rabbit pieces from Saint Bernard. Spring break is around the corner!

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