The sitting room AFTER 

How I used Crypton Fabric to update my sitting room.

How I used Crypton Fabric to update my sitting room.

How I used Crypton Fabric to update my sitting room.

How I used Crypton Fabric to update my sitting room.

How I used Crypton Fabric to update my sitting room.

The home office BEFORE

How I used Crypton Fabric to update my sitting room.

The Home office AFTER

The home office of blogger Tanya Foster designed by Amy Berry Design

All the new office furniture and accessory details and links can be found in this blog post.

On me: Blue sweater – old; similar here / Jeans / Gold flats / Workout look: Leggings / Top (short sleeve version here) / Tennis shoes

Last week I showed you my home office reveal and you all were so kind with your comments. You might wonder what happened to the old office. It was the second design challenge that I issued to Amy Berry Design. Rearrange the furniture and make it a sitting room.

My old office was located in the sitting room off of our master bedroom. I was so ready to get out of that space and have a dedicated room for my home office. You can image how annoying I was clicking away at my computer late at night. My writing muse comes to me later in the evening and there were times that Pete would have loved to gone to bed in peace and quiet. So, what happened to that room? It returned to the sitting room it was always designed to be.

Let me back up for a second. The sitting room was originally a large porch off our master bedroom with large french doors. With the Texas heat and mosquitos we spent exactly zero time out there. Many years ago we had our original builder reconfigure it to a sitting room by knocking out the french doors and windows and sinking a beam underneath to support the structure. It’s actually one of the most used rooms in our house. We tend to “live” upstairs. Pete and I love TV and have no problem with many of them in our house. In fact, there is one in our bedroom and one in the sitting room. Side note: We just finished binge watching The Last Kingdom and are about to start Versailles and The Tudors. What are you watching?

One of the things that needed to be taken care of in this process was recovering the chair. It was just old and needed a little TLC. Just like the couch, we chose Crypton Fabric for the chair. Why? Because their fabrics wear well and are animal proof. And as you can tell, my pets love my furniture. The couch is pictured in detail here and the chair turned out beautifully. The chaise lounge will probably be next. Amy rearranged the furniture in the room to maximize it as a reading space. I love sitting in here with a magazine or a book. It feels like a dedicated space and blends in flawlessly with our master bedroom.

As I have said before, Crypton Fabric offers built-in stain repellent and soil release make cleaning easy so I was not worried at all about choosing this light fabric. It also has built-in odor resistance, enhanced abrasion resistance and its processed in the USA. It makes it an ideal choice for indoor and outdoor fabrics if have kids or animals. Amy chose Heather in color Snow for the chair. I don’t need to worry about it getting dirty because it’s Crypton Fabric!

I would love to link you to the furniture and accessory choices in the sitting room but literally everything in here is old. That was my design challenge that I issued to Amy Berry. You have to make a sitting room out of what we already have. She did a great job don’t you think? By the way, if you don’t have a separate room for a sitting room, consider dedicating a corner in your master bedroom to this space. Links to the furniture in the new office can be found here.

What would you do in your sitting room?  xoxo – Tanya

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Photo: Mary Hafner

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