Tips and tricks to master taking a good head shot

Tips and tricks to master taking a good head shot

Tips and tricks to master taking a good head shot

Tips and tricks to master taking a good head shot

Tips and tricks to master taking a good head shot

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This is literally the hardest shot to get – a great headshot. Talk to any actor and they will tell you that taking their headshot is a beast. Since so many professions rely on this for their social media, business cards and marketing materials, I thought I would do a blog post on the subject. Here are a few tips and tricks to taking a good headshot.

Not even gonna lie, I hate taking headshots. Not necessarily with my street style photographer for the blog (Mary Hafner) but when my agent sends me to get them updated for all the actor sites. Just click here and you will see my current headshots for The Campbell Agency. It’s difficult to get a relaxed, comfortable look with just the right smile. So I thought I would give some tips and tricks for taking a good headshot.

  1. Make sure the photographer shoots you straight on or just slightly from above. Never from below – hello nostrils and chin/neck fat. Nobody wants that angle.
  2. Wear solid colors. You want your face and smile to ‘pop’ in the picture. Wearing pattern or stripes will just distract for your beautiful face.
  3. Personality! The point of the headshot is to convey who you are. As awkward as it is to smile for these, try to let your personality come through. A trick to this is to think of something or someone who makes you happy. I always think of my kids when I am shooting these. For example: In the bottom shot, I am thinking “I loved being with my wonderful kids in L.A. over the weekend. So glad we got to spend time together!”
  4. Let the photographer do their job. Don’t try to direct the shoot. They know what they are doing and know how to focus the camera. Your job is to be a good subject matter and keep moving. Don’t freeze up and just have one smile and expression.
  5. Laugh! Some of the best blog pictures that make it on here are the ones when Mary tells me to laugh out loud. It just loosens me up and allows my personality to come through. It also breaks up the monotony of the shoot.
  6. Outdoor, natural lighting is always best. Although some shoots call for an indoor setting, I prefer to be outside. Harsh fluorescent lights do no one any favors. Ever notice how horrible you look in a department store dressing room? Yuck!

As far as street style shooting which is what I do for the blog, Mary is a master at making me look good. The key to these shoots is to keep moving and let her catch me. You only see the best 5-8 pictures per blog post. Can you imagine what doesn’t make it to the blog? My point is, you have to take a lot of pictures to get a few good ones. Be patient!

Remember, this isn’t a school picture day where you sit down and take one photo. xoxo – Tanya

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Photo: Mary Hafner



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