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beauty product being taken out of a package

beauty product being taken out of a package

Tanya Foster sitting with SiO Beauty eye patches and chest patch

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Who else out there is a side sleeper like me? I kept wondering why I was getting a crease on my chest until I learned that sleeping on your side creates that pesky chest wrinkle. Wish someone would’ve told me sooner!! I have searched everywhere to find a solution for this and finally found it thanks to SiO Beauty. They have patches for just about every wrinkle spot on your face and body. It is even great for making scars less noticeable. Although these patches are not a new product, the look is! The new, resealable bags make it so the patches don’t dry up as quickly, allowing for more uses. Treating wrinkles has never been easier and my readers will get 10% OFF today!

So, a little background info for you. The founder of SiO Beauty, Gigi Howard, started getting chest wrinkles when she was in her 20’s due to sleeping on her side, which left her feeling self-conscious and insecure. When she could not find a solution, she took matters into her own hands and discovered that medical grade silicone is the magic ingredient to healing scars and treating wrinkles. Her purpose for SiO Beauty is to make women feel more confident and beautiful in their own skin. I just love that!

These patches are so easy to use and super effective. To begin, make sure you have dry and clean skin before applying. Next, open the new resealable package, peel off the protective paper and apply to the designated area. You will get the best results if you apply them before bed and wear them overnight. Don’t worry, they are comfortable to sleep in! By morning you will look and feel refreshed with significantly less wrinkles, ready to take on your day. TIP: I pop them on about an hour before an event to plump my skin!

If you really take care of them, you can get 10-15 uses from one package. It’s a really great solution to a nagging problem for many women. What area do you want to try these patches on? The chest patches are my personal favorite! I’ve written about them before so be sure to check out this blog post too.

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xoxo – Tanya

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Photo: Audrie Dollins

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