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Here it is. The recap post about my 5 day beginner cleanse with Vim+Vigor. I told you I was doing this last week on this blog post. Well, I DID IT! Major accomplishment for me. It went really well. I was a little shocked and surprised that the headache and sluggish feeling didn’t set in until Day 4 on Thursday. Of course that was the day I had a client meeting and could barely put together a thought and a sentence. But I mustered through and overcame the hurdle.

Here is how it played out. I drank 4 juices per day and had dinner with my husband each night. That’s part of the reason I chose the beginner cleanse. Elizabeth Black, co-founder of Vim+Vigor gave me some guidance on how to combat the headache and sluggish feeling. She suggested rehydrating myself with plenty of water and adding sliced lemons. I drank water between all the juices and it worked wonders. The headache comes from lack of caffeine and the sluggish feeling from detoxing. I also had decaffeinated hot green tea. I much better choice than my daily latte.

My typical day would involve starting with juice #1 (detoxify and alkalize), juice # 7 (cellular and liver repair), juice #9 (muscle recovery) and then juice #10 (tissue repair). For dinner we would have a large salad (organic lettuce, tomatoes, avocado, cucumber, red bell pepper, beets) and squeeze a lemon over it. Additionally, we got to have a baked sweet potato or acorn squash. The dinner was really good and satisfying. I have to say, the squeezed lemon as salad dressing was totally fine. I never felt hungry and knowing that I was going to eat dinner got me through the day. I also tried juice #2 ( purify and regulate) and juice #11 (satisfy and strengthen) to see if I liked them. Additionally, I have 6 bottles of juice #12 (kickstart metabolism) so that I have something after the juicing process. Let me tell you, you do not want to go straight to the Tex Mex dinner when you are done. Your body is cleansed and you need to gently introduce food back in to your system. After all, you have been on organic, cold-pressed juice for 5 days. That’s like a mountain of vegetables daily.

I lost weight, feel better in my clothes and I never had to think about what I was going to eat. The picture of my refrigerator tells the perfect story. Line them up and grab and go. I highly recommend the Vim +Vigor juice cleanse and will definitely do it again.

Give it a try! xoxo- Tanya

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