Welcome to tanyafoster.com! It’s been two years since I started blogging and a rebrand was in order. When I started this blog and named it film+fashion+fun, I was capturing all of my loves while diving in to an industry that I had absolutely no knowledge about. In two years time I have published 485 blog posts and increased my presence on facebook, instagram, twitter, pinterest and snapchat (username: @tanyafosterfilm) enabling me to touch thousands of people each day.

Why the rebrand? Well, when I started it seemed logical to name the blog about things I loved. Don’t worry, I still love film, fashion and fun. But the more I got in to researching products, talking about travel, trying out services and telling you the results, the more I realized that this is truly a lifestyle blog about much more than film, fashion or fun. And when I check google analytics, the number one way people are finding the blog is by searching my name. So it seems logical to simply call it tanya foster – a lifestyle blog.

The content will be similar but I will be adding more about travel, restaurants, recipes, services and my favorite recommendations. The mission of the blog remains the same. I will always give you my honest opinion after I experience the product or service. It is not lost on me that you read this blog because you trust me. I am sort of “a seal of Good Housekeeping”. Believe me, I take that very seriously.

Now for what’s new – the look! The tabs across the top have expanded to include lifestyle, fashion, beauty, travel, about, featured, shop, actor and consultant. The tabs now encompass everything I do into one site – lifestyle blogger, actor and non-profit consultant. Additionally, you will find a cleaner aesthetic and a simple format. The header graphic will rotate with pictures from recent shoots, a full blog post will always live on the home page and beneath it you will find one picture with a link to click to see the full story or more posts. These are the recent blog posts in ascending order. All blog posts live on the site forever so if there is a topic that you want to pull up and read, simply type it in the search bar and the site will pull it from my archives. The “shop the post” widget and links to products I am wearing or suggesting will remain the same. Use these as a online shopping source, they are designed to be that way making it easy for you to find products.

I often get asked “why do you blog”? Honestly it was my 2014 New Year’s Resolution and it just took off. I wanted to learn a new skill and blogging was it. In a sense, it’s my therapy. I love what I do and I hope that you will continue to let me share it with you.

THANK YOU for subscribing, reading and sharing. I truly appreciate it.

xoxo- Tanya

P.S. The rebrand seemed like a great reason to dress up a bit. Thanks for celebrating with me. Cheers!

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Photo credit: Mary Summers




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