Tanya Foster wearing Ala von Auersperg dress

Tanya Foster wearing Ala von Auersperg dress

Tanya Foster wearing Ala von Auersperg dress

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Tanya Foster wearing Ala von Auersperg dress

Oh my goodness, don’t laugh when I tell you this. I think my photographer and I shot this dress in April. I got this beautiful maxi dress with overlay to wear to a summer wedding. And guess what, due to Covid-19, the event was put on hold until 2021. Good thing this dress is timeless. I’m just going to enjoy it in my backyard for now.

It seems that we will be attending an increased amount of outdoor events for the foreseeable future. Therefore, I think it is time to invest in elegant dresses that you can wear to any formal outdoor event. It can be a challenge to decide what to wear to an outdoor wedding or garden party, but Ala von Auersperg has got you covered. When you wear her pieces, you radiate elegance and luxury; exactly what you want to exude at your next event.

When you wear an Ala von Auersperg piece, you truly feel like a work of art. Read more about the reasons behind her designs HERE. This dress design is especially lovely for a small wedding or an outdoor garden party. For an outdoor event, you want a dress that is lightweight, breezy and not too form-fitting. You want room for air to avoid any potential sweat marks. This dress has all of these features, plus it is a beautiful pattern that is flattering and accentuates the outside scenery. Explore all of the dresses here and browse the many lovely patterns and styles she has to offer.

When you think about what to wear to an outdoor wedding, the key is also finding the right shoes and accessories. You must pair an elegant dress with elegant jewelry. Julie Vos makes exquisite and unique jewelry that pairs perfectly with your look. I love to wear these Alexandre Birman heels because it is a great heel height with chic knot detailing. A plus is that the heels come in black, white and nude so you can match any look. Lastly, you need a beautiful leather clutch. I recommend this Italian leather clutch to complete the look. Voila!

How’s that for the most Monday ever? I can’t believe I forgot to share this with you in April/May. Make it a great day!

xoxo – Tanya

Photo: Audrie Dollins

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Tanya Foster wearing Ala von Auersperg dress

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