tanya foster holding L'oreal midnight serum and moisturizer

L'oreal midnight serum and moisturizer

L'oreal midnight serum

L'oreal age perfect moisturizer

Tanya Foster using L'oreal midnight serum

Tanya foster applying beauty product to eyes

Tanya foster applying beauty product to eyes

L'oreal midnight serum and moisturizer

It’s September and social schedules are back in full force. Don’t get behind in taking care of your skin and feeling hydrated! I have some amazing products to share with you today that will really rejuvenate your skin. Walmart Beauty has many amazing products, one of which is the L’Oreal Paris Midnight Serum. It has amazing anti-aging effects that I will detail below. I pair it with the Age Perfect Moisturizer for a complete regime. These products will become your skin’s new best friends. Let’s take a deeper look!


L’Oreal Paris Midnight Serum

The L’Oreal Paris Midnight Serum is SO good. The serum is formulated with an Antioxidant Recovery Complex, which is proven to boost the skin’s overnight renewal process by combining a powerful patented antioxidant, Vitamin E and Hyaluronic Acid. The combination of these ingredients smooths out wrinkles and gives you firmer, more radiant skin. You will notice visibly younger skin after just one use. I sure did! It is highly effective for all skin types and tones, plus it has been dermatologist tested to ensure suitability with sensitive skin. What’s even better is that it is the preferred serum to the #1 Luxury Night Serum, yet it’s only $33. This is an absolute steal! To use, I apply 3-4 drops on clean, dry skin before moisturizing. I do this morning and night. The serum absorbs quickly and leaves your skin silky smooth. Plus, it smells amazing!

After using the Midnight Serum, I put on the L’Oreal Paris Age Perfect Moisturizer. This moisturizer is perfect for aging and dull skin. It has a rosy tone to renew the skin’s natural rosy complexion. It also smooths and refines your skin, while boosting your skin’s radiance. I love how lightweight and quick absorbing it is. Just like the serum, it also smells divine! I use this after my daily and nightly cleansing and treatment routines.

Shop more amazing L’Oreal skincare products below!

xoxo – Tanya

Photo: Audrie Dollins

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Why I love L'Oreal Paris Midnight serum

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