dallas center for dermatology and aestheticsdallas center for dermatology and aestheticsdallas center for dermatology and aestheticsdallas center for dermatology and aestheticsdallas center for dermatology and aesthetics
Did you know that your skin is your largest organ? So, you should probably take good care of it. On Tuesday I went in to see Dr. Lori Stetler and Charlene Wilson at Dallas Center for Dermatology and Aesthetics. You have heard me tell you about their amazing practice in previous blog posts here and here. This time of year I winter proof my skin. What does that mean? I get a peel to get that dead layer off. At their recommendation I did the Vitalize Peel which is a light chemical peel to help reduce photo damaged skin, fine lines and wrinkles and pigmentary irregularities. Basically, it gets rid of any signs of old age (I did just have another birthday).

I documented the procedure with photo’s so that you can see how easy and pain-free it is. Charlene did the peel on my face, neck and chest to even out my skin. It was tingly and that was it. I was in and out in 30 minutes and left perfectly presentable (although without makeup). In two days I will begin to peel. She gave me product to gently cleanse and moisturizer to keep my skin moist. Most importantly, I was also sent home with SPF 40 so that I don’t get any sun on me. I will spend the next week peeling and getting to the really pretty, new skin.

While there, I asked Dr. Stetler to share her best winter-proofing skin tips with me. I also asked what was new in skin care products. Below you will see her list. All procedures and products available at Dallas Center for Dermatology and AestheticsGive them a ring and take care of your skin.

How do you winter proof your skin? xoxo- Tanya

Thanks to the Dallas Center for Dermatology and Aesthetics for sponsoring this post.

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Tips for Winter-Proofing your skin… from Dr. Lori Stetler

1. Exfoliate: this process removes dry, dead skin cells that accumulate on the outer layer of skin. Removing the dead skin cells allows moisturizers to penetrate the skin more effectively. Exfoliation can be achieved with skin care products such as cleansers containing Glycolic acid, Clarisonic brushes, and by procedures such as light exfoliating chemical peels, microdermabrasion and Fraxel laser.

2. Replenish and Rehydrate: cold weather, decrease in outside air humidity and use of dry heat inside lead to dry skin. Moisturizers containing hyaluronic acid not only increase moisture in the skin, but they also bind water in the skin maximizing hydration. Drinking lots of water also helps maintain overall hydration to the body and the skin.

3. Sunblock: even though we are generally exposed to fewer UV Rays in the winter, it is still important to apply sunblock daily. It is critical to use sunblock when doing outdoor winter activities such as skiing where sun rays are also reflected off of the snow and are more intense at higher altitudes. Winter is also a great time to see your dermatologist for a full body skin while your skin color is generally at it’s lightest,most natural color.

4. Our skin needs change throughout the year. It may be a good idea to see your dermatologist to change up your skin care regimen as the seasons change. Some products such as Retin-A which can be drying may need to be decreased in the winter months.

Dr. Stetler’s favorite new body products are:

Body Retexturing cream: great for exfoliating dead skin and binding water in the skin. Great for areas that often get very dry such as elbows and legs. Has a nice spa scent and silky texture

SkinCeuticals Neck, Chest and Hand Repair cream: great for sun damaged skin. Helps hydrate, improve crepey skin texture and improve appearance of brown spots.

BioCream Body: for use on sun damaged skin. Does the same as listed above. Also contains growth factors to increase collagen production in the skin and thus reduce the signs of aging.

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