Avenue 32, NYFW packing list, Tumi, how to pack, TanyaFoster.com

Avenue 32, NYFW packing list, Tumi, how to pack, TanyaFoster.com, Phillip Lim bag

Avenue 32, NYFW packing list, Tumi, how to pack, TanyaFoster.com, Provenza Schouler mules

Avenue 32, NYFW packing list, Tumi, how to pack, TanyaFoster.com

It’s my first New York Fashion Week! I’m so excited to share this journey with you. I’m packed and ready for departure with some of my blogger friends so I thought I would share my packing tips and strategy behind it. You can apply these travel tips to any upcoming trip you have.

Before leaving, I have been working tirelessly to secure fashion show tickets, meetings and showroom appointments. Since NYFW is spread out all over NYC, it seems like I will be living in a cab or Uber. I thought I would be changing a lot but  between meetings with brands, fashion shows, presentations and showroom appointments it seems I will barely have time to catch my breath.

My strategy is to pack two complete outfits per day in hopes that I can get back to the hotel to change for the evening shows and dinner reservations. I always travel in a casual outfit and flats but will snazz it up a bit when we land. Simply putting on heels dresses up anything. We are also shooting fall looks with a street style photographer while there so I have pulled some brand new things as well. Huge thanks to Avenue 32 and Shop Saint Bernard to helping me get ready. You will see those posts after NYFW when I do some re-cap.

I have a few packing tips that seem to make my travel easier.

1) I try to pack all of my clothes, shoes and toiletries in my large checked bag (Tumi- Alpha 2). That way I don’t have to worry about liquids in my carry-on bag. Pack any liquids in a large zip lock bag. That way if it leaks it’s contained.

2) I pack my good leather and suede bags and shoes in their travel pouches. They protect the leather and suede from other items in the suitcase. Nothing like an expensive handbag with a huge scratch on it. UGH!

3) I bring my purse and a tote on the plane. My tote always contains my laptop, camera, chargers, protein bars, hand cream, jewelry and anything too valuable to go in the large checked Tumi bag. In this case I am carrying my Barrington tote but I also have the Tumi Alpha 2 carry-on roller bag and this Tumi bag as well. That way we have a complete set of Tumi.

4) I get to the airport in plenty of time to check my bag, go through security and pick up a few magazines. That way I have the most current reading material on my flight and in my hotel room. I really like fashion magazines for last-minute inspiration.

5) Plan your trip before you depart. This is not one of those travel itineraries you just wing. NYFW is overwhelming and you have to have an agenda otherwise you will spend hours wondering around the city.

Apparently, there are no rules when it comes to dressing for fashion week. So I approached shopping and packing for NYFW with the mindset of if I love it, I will wear it. I’m just going to be myself and navigate through this first one. Be sure to check out the styles of my travel buddies too. The Lush List is my roommate (we’ve been friends for 20 years) and So Heather, The Middle Page, Street Style Squad and She She Show are with me.

Follow along on social media. I’ll be on Snapchat (tanyafosterblog) and Instagram with video content straight from the shows. Oh and you will see a lot of behind the scenes stuff too. And then I will follow-up with several blog posts giving you all the details of what happened.

Thank you for letting me share this journey with you! Happy weekend. xoxo- Tanya

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