Happy Tuesday! Post holidays, I am always trying to look for ways to save. A key place to cut costs is on my everyday groceries. On top of saving money on groceries, I also need to save more time. I need a grocery option that is cost effective as well as time effective; without sacrificing quality. I know I’m not alone on this need! I decided to do some research based on my normal grocery purchases at Kroger to see how I could save. It is easy to see that Walmart is a huge cost saver! They are also a huge time saver due to Walmart Online Pickup & Delivery service. Shop Walmart for the all-around best savings.


Shop Walmart for the Ultimate Savings

Ok can you even believe the savings above?? I saved almost $10 shopping at Walmart instead of Kroger. Saving $10 on each shopping trip adds up really fast! Walmart offers all of my favorite name brands, but at a much cheaper price. Quality of product matters to me, so it is important to know that I can get all of my favorite brands straight from Walmart. Walmart has even helped me stick to my Keto lifestyle by offering all of my favorite Keto brands through the Walmart Wellness Hub…but at a much cheaper price! Read more about it HERE. No matter what you’re looking for, Walmart offers a wide variety of products and brands so you can always find exactly what you need.

As far as time savings goes, Walmart Online Pickup and Delivery service is THE way to go. You can get your grocery order within a couple of hours! To shop Walmart groceries online, click HERE. All you have to do is add your groceries to your cart, checkout, and voila! Groceries delivered to your door within a matter of hours. I am trying to stay as safe as possible, so this option is a total game-changer. Cheaper, faster and safer groceries. What better way to get your groceries than that?

Happy shopping and happy savings!

xoxo – Tanya

P.S. You may wonder what else I shop at Walmart. They have amazing storage bins that are perfect for any of your storage needs.

shop Walmart

This post is sponsored by Walmart. All selections and opinions are my own.

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