Tanya Foster and assistant wearing and holding Nogu jewelry and wearing avara looks

Nogu bracelets

 Tanya Foster and assistant wearing and holding Nogu jewelry and wearing avara looks

Tanya Foster and assistant wearing and holding Nogu jewelry and wearing avara looks

woman wearing Nogu bracelets, earrings, ring and necklace

Nogu bracelets and ring

Nogu bracelets

Tanya Foster showing nogu earrings and bracelet

Yes, you read that correctly…I have found the most versatile jewelry out there! NOGU is a designer jewelry and accessory brand that I recently discovered and am in love with. Their Rainbow White Mermaid Glass designs are the most gorgeous pieces that seriously go with everything. With the holidays coming up, this is also a great gift idea! Let’s take a closer look.


Brand Spotlight: NOGU

NOGU is a Canadian-based designer jewelry line that offers a wide variety of high-quality jewelry pieces and accessories. I am especially in love with their Rainbow White Mermaid Glass designs. This line exudes a rainbow of colors, making it the jewelry that goes with literally anything. No longer do you have to deal with the dilemma of deciding which jewelry will go with what you’re wearing. It’s so versatile and looks good on everyone of all ages. You may be wondering how this design works with everything. This is due to the fact that this collection is made of glass with a thin iridescent core that reflects ambient light. Depending on the lighting you’re in, the jewelry will glow to reflect these colors. It is simply stunning! What’s even better is that each piece of jewelry is designed in collaboration with Take3 For The Sea to raise money to support ocean and beach cleanup. Amazing!

Another collection that NOGU offers is the Firefly Glass collection. These are the bracelets that you see me wearing above. The glass is hand-blown with special materials that actually cause it to glow underneath lights. You can use this glass charging light to light up your bracelet in just seconds with it lasting for hours. Even without the glow feature, the collection is still gorgeous on its own! The design is intricate, beautiful and unique.

NOGU is not only a great addition to your wardrobe, but it also makes a great gift. Everyone will love getting the gift that goes with everything! xoxo – Tanya

P.S. Laura is wearing this emerald blouse in size M with these shoes. I am in this navy blouse in size S with these shoes. Our jeans are sold out. Shop more holiday looks HERE.

Photo: Sarah Blaze Photography

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the jewelry that goes with everything. Tanya Foster holding NOGU bracelets

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