Turbo Tax, Tanya Foster, tanyafoster.com
Turbo Tax, Tanya Foster, tanyafoster.com

Turbo Tax, Tanya Foster, tanyafoster.com

Turbo Tax, Tanya Foster, tanyafoster.com

Turbo Tax, Tanya Foster, tanyafoster.com

Yep, it’s that time again. Instead of waiting until the last-minute, I’m getting a jump-start on things by filing my taxes with TurboTax. After all, this blogging thing is a business and I’m CEO of my company.

I bet must thinking about your taxes makes your brain hurt. I know mine does. TurboTax is the smarter way to get your taxes done.  Did you know that do-it-yourself tax preparation is the fastest growing tax method, up 5% year over year? Nearly 5 million hard-working Americans filed their federal and state taxes last year for absolutely nothing with TurboTax® Absolute Zero. Here are a few things that set TurboTax apart.

W2 Snap: TurboTax offers customers the ability to jump start their taxes with a snap of a picture. Customers can snap a picture of their W-2 with their phone or tablet and the information is securely entered into the right forms without hard work and worry. Online: For the first time on the web, customers can simply enter their mobile number and TurboTax will send them a secure link via text. Customers can then click on the link, snap a photo of their W-2, verify their data, and watch as the information is automatically transferred into the right online forms. Mobile App: Customers using the TurboTax mobile app can snap a photo within the app, verify their data, and watch as their information is automatically transferred into the right forms. TurboTax 2015 also securely imports W-2s and 1099 forms from more than 1.4 million banks, employers and financial institutions – eliminating the need for data entry.

 ExplainWhy: TurboTax ExplainWhy gives customers personalized, bite-sized explanations of the “why” behind their deductions, credits, and tax refund, so they can be confident they are getting every dollar they deserve. TurboTax ExplainWhy provides explanations in key tax topics where customers want a clearer understanding of what did or did not impact their tax refund, like changes in filing status, personal info, dependents, EITC, Child Tax Credit, Child and Dependent Care, W-2, and the Affordable Care Act. With TurboTax ExplainWhy, customers can quickly and easily understand what’s going on with their tax refund.

    SmartLook: SmartLook is a new feature that connects customers with live TurboTax experts using one-way video technology. Through SmartLook, TurboTax experts answer questions in real-time for free and highlight key fields and next steps so customers can complete their return with confidence. Customers can connect with TurboTax experts live via one-way video to get their questions answered in real time-completely free. SmartLook connects customers with a TurboTax expert with just a click. One-way video technology allows customers to see the TurboTax expert, but the agent cannot see the customer. Customers who have a question can benefit from a second pair of eyes on their return so they never feel alone.

Through mid-March 2016, the 60 million Americans who prepare and file straightforward federal and state tax returns (1040A or 1040EZ) can take advantage of absolutely free federal and state tax filing. $0 fed. $0 state. $0 to file.TurboTax doesn’t charge for things like Earned Income Tax Credit or complying with the healthcare law. TurboTax also offers other totally free tax preparation and e-filing options, including: Military One Source & IRS Free File

The TurboTax mobile app (available for iOS/Android on both phone and tablets) offers the full line-up of TurboTax products. Mobile customers, like with all TurboTax products, can start their taxes for free and pay when they file. Start your taxes on your smart phone, tablet or computer,  take a break and pick up right where you left off on any other device – without skipping  a beat. With iOS enabled devices users can login to TurboTax leveraging Touch ID. Touch ID  is a seamless way to use your fingerprint as a passcode. Both iOS  and Android devices will allow to login via 4-digit PIN the second time they login to the app. In addition to the TurboTax mobile app, TurboTax offers a suite of free mobile tools, to help taxpayers estimate their taxes, track charitable donations, or track their tax refund on-the-go.

MyTaxRefund: Answer a few questions and instantly see your e-file status and tax refund timing. Anyone who e-filed can use MyTaxRefund – whether you used TurboTax to file or not. (Available for iOS/Android) New this year, taxpayers can track their refund from their Apple Watch.

TaxCaster: Quickly estimate your tax refund anytime, anywhere. Just enter some basic information and watch your tax refund add up. TaxCaster uses the same tax calculator found in TurboTax. (Available for iOS/Android)

ItsDeductible App for iPhone: Tracks donations anytime, anywhere, year-round. ItsDeductible accurately  values donated items and automatically imports donations into TurboTax.

With things being so simple, why not file your taxes now? I am!   xoxo- Tanya


This post was sponsored by TurboTax. All opinions are my own.

Photo credit: Pete Foster



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