Meet wardrobe Stylist Lexi Dennis on

Meet wardrobe Stylist Lexi Dennis on

Meet wardrobe Stylist Lexi Dennis on

Meet wardrobe Stylist Lexi Dennis on

Meet wardrobe Stylist Lexi Dennis on

Meet wardrobe Stylist Lexi Dennis on

On me: Black top (its long enough to wear over leggings) / leggings / pink Adidas

As a lifestyle blogger, I am expected to pull clothing, style it, shoot it and tell you about it. That’s what my job is. But guess what? Even I get burned out and feel uninspired sometimes. I have the solution that many of you have been asking me about for your closets. Find out why you want a wardrobe stylist in your life and how it will save you money! Meet Lexi Dennis.

Lexi and I first met on set several years ago shooting a project. She’s a wardrobe stylist as well as a costumer designer. We then met again later when she was working for Abi Ferrin. I featured some of Abi’s cashmere collection on the blog in this post. Fast forward to last week when we had lunch and she was explaining to me that as a personal stylist and shopper, her number one request from clients is to pack them for upcoming trips (suitcase styling). My lightbulb went on! I had Lexi come over and access my wardrobe for my upcoming trip. Y’all, I can not tell you what a timesaver this is! She actually pulls outfits together for you, flat lays them and shows you how to wardrobe them and then packs you up. And its stuff you already have!

Lexi accomplishes this amazing feat with 2 meetings in your closet. The first one is a one-hour assessment of your closet and what you already have. From there, she makes a list of your gaps and has you fill them (or she will go shop for you). I had a list of 4 things I needed: 1) longer shirts 2) Black inserts for my Hunter boots 3) White over-the-knee socks  4) White inserts for my Hunter boots (I have cream). The next appointment is to pack you up. The way she simplifies this is to check the weather of your destination, pull outfits that work around one or two colors and then she maximizes the individual items by teaching you how to make them transition from day to night. This entire process actually saved me money!

Her other popular services are personal shopping and closet coordinating. Are you busy with work and simply don’t have time to find everything you need? Or do you need help coordinating everything in your closet and figuring out if you should still be wearing what you have? She is so brilliant at this that she took a Tibi black and white shirt that I had in my “donate” pile and reworked for me (see picture above). I had always loved this shirt, I just didn’t know what to pair it back with. Problem solved!

Many of you have contacted me over the years and asked for a personal stylist or for closet wardrobe help. I have found her for you! Contact Lexi Dennis directly and let her work a miracle in your closet. Email her at LEXI@LEXIDENNIS.COM for a quote.

Au revoir!  xoxo – Tanya

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Photo: Audrie Dollins

Thank you to Lexi Dennis for collaborating with me for this blog post. All opinions are my own.





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