Hi, I am Tanya Foster, a Dallasite, lifestyle blogger, actor and empty nester who fancies myself famous—if only in my own mind. I’m also a wife and mom to four grown children. Pete and I are pet parents to two Norfolk terriers, Sparky and Max who keep us entertained.

To winter white or not

I am a huge fan of social media.  Probably because I am a visual learner.  It just makes it easy to absorb.  One of my obsessions is Pinterest.  I love pinning things I like, want and need.  And one of the things I like is FASHION.  To winter white or not?  I do it a... read more

Let’s get started…

Hi! I’m Tanya Foster and this is my blog. What will I be blogging about? Oh, let’s see… Film + Fashion + Fun! You see, I’m a 40+ Dallasite who fancies herself famous (if only in my mind). I am on the go and in the know. Enjoy the journey. xoxo-... read more