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H E L L O sweet readers! I’ve been meaning to do this roundup post for a while now. I get asked this question numerous times so I thought I would put everything here in one place. Best Skincare Products and Procedures to maintain beautiful skin year round.

Let’s face it, life is a series of maintenance appointments. If feels like all I do is make appointments for my hair, face, nails, teeth, workouts, body sculpting, annual ob/gyn, eye doctor… and that has nothing to do with being sick. It’s just what it takes to keep everything up and taken care of. So today I am putting together a list of where I go for what services. I am also linking you to several blog posts I have written in the past about these procedures and/or products that I still use and truly believe in.

Note: I have not had a face lift or neck lift although I know that is in my near future. But I do have a lot of aesthetic procedures done that really help fight father time and the natural progression of aging. I do feel like a good skincare routine that you do twice a day really helps as does staying out of the sun. See this blog post about what happens when you don’t. I wish I would have known this in my 20’s and 30’s. So I am linking some of my favorites below for you.

I’ve been writing for 4-1/2 years and there are plenty of blog posts that you can find by entering “beauty, skincare, aesthetic procedures, …” in the SEARCH bar on the right column. Alternatively you can click on the BEAUTY tab at the top of this site in the navigation bar and it will also bring them up in chronological order. Every single blog post I write stays on this site and can be pulled up at any time. BEAUTY has been a very important catagory on this site from the very beginning.

I know that many of my readers do not live in the North Texas area. So I will talk about the procedures and hopefully you can find a good doctor in your area that can help you. There are many places in the Dallas metroplex to have these procedures done, however I am sharing my choices and why I like to go to these facilities/doctors. These are in no way ranked or in any certain order. They are all, in my opinion, great for solving/maintaining beautiful skin!

And I know what you’re going to ask me. Which product or procedure works the best? Truth is, it all works. There is no one thing that is the fountain of youth. You have to combat gravity, sun, bad skincare habits and whatever else you did in your youth with ongoing maintenance.

Let me know if you have a product or procedure that I didn’t mention. xoxo – Tanya

P.S. Any word highlighted in PINK is going to be a link to a blog post or website for more information. Click it!


Tanya’s Best of Aesthetic Procedures List

Where & Who: Dallas Center for Dermatology and Aesthetics | Dr. Lori Stetler, Jennifer Scheiderich, P.A., Charlene Wilson, C.M.E, C.L.T | 214.631.7546

dallas center for dermatology and aesthetics

I have been with this dermatology practice for over 20 years and my entire family goes here. Of course we go for general dermatology but I get most of my aesthetic procedures done here as well. Dr. Lori Stetler and her staff are top-notch and she is always in the know about the latest and greatest aesthetic procedures. You can find blog posts on: Kybella (results post here), Coolsculpting (YES, it really works), Combining Juvederm Vollure and Volbella for plump lips, Thermage, Microblading (eye brows – see before and after pics here), trying new skincare products, tips for winter proofing your skin with a Vitalize Peel and Versapulse and IPL laser treatments.

I came back from Aspen, Colorado last week and immediately went to their office. I was speed dialing for an appointment because I could feel my skin being parched by the dry, mountain air. Charlene did something new for me and gave me a combination Hydra Facial followed by a Clear and Brilliant Laser. She calls it the “Hydra Clear” and it is a miracle worker! I left with glowing skin after one treatment (she suggests getting them monthly). Earlier this spring, Jennifer gave me a SkinPen treatment to get me ready for the wedding. Beautiful, glowing skin in an hour!


Where & Who: Unit Skin Studio | Lindsey Pineyro/Founder | 972.362.5792 

Does the Vampire Facial really work? Check out the PRP treatment.

I often get asked for a great “go to” spot for facials. Unit Skin Studio is your place. They offer aesthetic procedures as well. I’ve tried several services at their location and I am always pleased. Right before the wedding, I got two Oxygen Facials (one per week) to help my skin look its best on the big day. I’ve also tried the following and have blog posts about them. The Vampire Facial (PRP Facial – highly effective, probably the biggest difference I have seen in a facial treatment!), IPL Laser on my face for brown spots, and an introductory blog post about their location when they first opened. They offer lots of other services so be sure to check out their site here.

Note: This is not a place for a facial and massage. You’ll have to go to a regular spa for that (I love the spa at the Ritz Carlton Hotel, Joule Hotel and Crescent Hotel for a good spa day.)


Where & Who: Highland Park Aesthetic Medicine | Dr. Lynley K. McAnalley | 214.692.8844

Dr. Lynley McAnalley

This is the number I keep on speed dial. I mean, just look at her! I’ll have what she’s having. Dr. Lynley McAnalley and I go way back. We have kids that went through HPISD together. Lynley is unique in that she only does injectables and products. No lasers or any other medical treatments. She has refined the art of sculpting with a needle. I know no other doctor that will actually call you to see how the results are doing. Oh, and she gets upset with herself if you bruise from an injection treatment. PERFECTIONIST! But that’s what I love about her!

See the following blog posts about procedures I have done with Dr. McAnalley. Botox and Juvederm Voluma, ZO Skin Health to the rescue (she uses the entire line and sells it in her office), Product Review: ZO Skin Health, ZO Skin Health Oraser Body Emulsion Plus (the one thing that actually works on my brown spots on my legs), The 45 minute Face Lift (AMAZING results and the procedure I am most asked about).


Tanya’s Skincare Product Recommendations

I LOVE skincare products and make-up. I always have. Please note that I mix and match a lot of products and change-up my skincare routine a lot. Some of this is done to try things for the blog and some of it is so my skin gets a break from the everyday routine. Everything I recommend below works for me or I wouldn’t suggest you try it. There are hundreds of products that I try that never make the blog. No need to discuss those.

Product review of Madonna's MDNA Skin

Product Review: Madonna’s MDNA Skincare

This line is expensive but worth every penny. The mask is divine!


Summer skincare update with Colleen Rothschild

Colleen Rothschild skincare

SO good! Especially if you have dry skin like I do. Their Radiant Cleansing Balm is the best on the market!


Trying three new Tula products that will be on QVC soon.


Love this line. It’s so refreshing and makes my skin perk up. If you are not familiar with Tula, start with a discovery kit.


Bluemercury M-61 product review, Tanya Foster

M-61 from Blue Mercury

I LOVE their Power Glow Peel individual wipes. I keep them stocked in my skincare drawer and in my travel bag. Instant pick-me-up for your skin!


How to create a spa atmosphere in your own home with L'Occitane


I LOVE all of their products and can’t recommend them enough. The good news is that they have items for face, body, men, bath… Get it all!



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